Jazz dancing combines body movement with the grace of ballet and the power of expression. The ever-changing music and rhythms of our culture inspire Jazz choreography. Through Jazz training you will gain co-ordination, muscle tone, flexibility, and over all body strength. Jazz dancing is featured in many films, videos and stage productions.

Classes are available from beginner to advanced levels. Our talented teaching staff offers many different and exciting styles of Jazz to study.

For the more enthusiastic students Steps Performing Arts Centre offers Exam classes and Dance Company Programs.


Tap is the perfect combination of rhythm, sound and movement. Some of the many benefits of Tap include muscle tone, grace, stress relief, and of course fun! The masters such as Bill Robinson to Gregory Hines will forever influence tap choreography. With the success of such stage shows as Tap Dogs, Bring on Da Noise, Bring On Da Funk and Riverdance Tap has crossed over to a whole new generation of dancers.

Classes are available for beginner to advanced levels with emphasis on terminology, rhythm and routine work. For the more enthusiastic students, Steps Performing Arts Centre offers Exam classes and Dance Company programs.


Steps Performing Arts Centre offers ballet classes both for the once a week recreational student as well as the dancer who may have more interest and or passion for ballet. For those dancers we offer a more intense ballet exam program. It gives hard working students a chance to study a special ballet syllabus, This syllabus has been created to develop and train dancers in a technical and methodical manner. The syllabus has been divided into grades. The dancer is placed into the grade that is appropriate for his or her level. .

The benefits of training in either program include overall confidence, strength, poise and dance interpretation. Technical ability is also improved over a period of time through the dancer's development. of muscle memory. Exam students tend to have added ease and confidence in the execution and musical interpretation of the steps. For serious students who love to perform there are Dance Company opportunities. .


Video Jazz is the one of hottest styles of dance. It is the cutting edge choreography used in today's music videos. It takes the best of HiP -Hop, locking, popping,and breaking and mixes them all together to create the latest and coolest dance moves.

Classes are available tor children and adults from beginner to Advanced levels. For students who love to perform there is Dance Company opportunities.


Acro combines Jazz and ballet techniques with acrobatics. This fun form of dance is great tor the energetic and flexible student.


For its beginnings in the early 1980's, Breakdancing has grown to a new and exciting dance form. Our B-boys and B-girls learn the latest locking, popping. freezing and spinning techniques. 'Breaking' combines hip hop moves with acrobatics.